Railroad Humor

The real reason the're closing the Tennesse Pass/Royal Gorge route.

  • 1) Anshutz likes skiing better than railroading
  • 2) UP is siding with the tree huggers, to prevent mining and logging.
  • 3) MP says "the UP always liked the KP better anyway."
  • 4) Railroaders don't like doing the macarena (sp?) east of Pueblo.
  • 5) GE will give UP a rebate on maintenance, cause the engines will fail less.
  • 6) They want to sell the water rights to Colorado Springs.
  • 7) They don't want to be shown up by "Colorado Rail Link".
  • 8) There will never be a natural disaster on the Overland or Moffat routes.
  • 9) Local resturants are have toubles competing with the 'Turntable' in Minturn.
  • 10) UP diesels look bad in black.
  • 11) Big New Santa Fe would run the trains faster.
  • 12) Little did they know that they would need the helpers in Texas.
  • Joe Reckner's thoughts on why modeling the PC is fun




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