Allen Rueter's
Online resume/CV

 Currently Director of Computing Technology Services,
 where we support Linux, Solaris, Tru64, and Window systems, use HP, Cisco network gear at the School of  Engineering  and Applied Science at Washington University. In the spring I teach a course in Systems Administration. Programming is now in sh/bash, csh, gawk, perl, procmail.
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1980-1997 Mallinckrodt  Institute of  Radiology,  Washington University  School of Medicine where I started work as a programer II and worked my way up to  Sr. Systems Analysts,  for Rex L Hill and Dr. R Gilbert Jost, both  wonderful bosses.
 Worked on RSTS/E & OpenVMS systems, did radiology applications in DEC Basic mostly (even threads), did instrument interfaces with IEEE-488, and HL-7 interfaces over TCP/IP, SNA/LU6.2, and DECnet. rewrote HL7ImEx to HL7ImExa, built a C++ interface for HL7ImExa.

1978-1980 Department of Earth & Planetary Science,
worked on a data gathering system in Forth on a DG-Nova for Dr. William Smith.
Had fun time working with Lasers, with the future Dr. Susan L Bragg

1977-1978 Central Institute for the Deaf, worked on debugging a custom disk controller on a Data General Nova and Eclipse systems, Fortran, RDOS, Nova/Eclipse Assembler, and hearing aid modeling.

1973-1977 Washington University, BS-CS, learned PL/1, some 360 ASM, Algol, COBOL, PDP-8 Assembler.
Part time jobs:Dark room Tech, Consultant at Computer Center, Photographer.

1972 1st Computer course at Purdue NW, GOTRAN, IBM 1620

1967-1973 Horace Mann