Wabash Track Charts

Fourth District, Clark Junction to Montpelier, Third District Montpelier to Detroit, 1966

Tolleston/Gary MP 243 (as leased by Norfolk & Western)

18th District, Brunswick to Stanberry, 1945

Brunswick MP 187
Chillicothe MP 225 CB&Q CM&StP
Lock Springs MP 239 CRI&P
Gallatin MP 251 CRI&P
Darlington MP 286 CB&Q

19th District, Stanberry to Council Bluffs, 1945

Stanberry MP 294
Conception MP 304 C&GW
Maryville MP 318 CB&Q cross to east high point? on Wabash 1152'
Burlington Junct MO MP 331 CB&Q
Shenandoah IA MP 363 CB&Q
Malvern MP 385 CB&Q Triple Track? crossing
Council Bluffs/East Switch MP 410

Buffalo District 1946

Chatham Sub: Windsor area - Tecumseh area - Chatham area - Glencoe area - St.Thomas area
Cayuga Sub: Tillsonburg area - Simcoe area - Jarvis area - Canfield Jct. area - Ft. Erie and Black rock area
Welland Sub: Welland area - Niagara Falls area

The Wabash Railroad Historical Society has other more detailed track charts. WRHS station maps

I would be nice to get some others, like steam era(Moberly (UD)) or anything else anyone wants to share.
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