Wabash Employee Time-Tables (ETT)

Buffalo Division Canadian National St. Thomas Division Time-Table No. 82 Nov 27, 1949

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Montpelier Division No. 57 Oct, 1962

Cover Div. Officers Safety, Train and Engine Crews
Main Line 3rd and 2nd
Main Line 4th, Second Main Line 1st and 5th
Detroit to Ft. Wayne, Eastward and Westward Hugo to Tilton, Westward and Eastward
Arranged Freight Train Service
Special Instructions SI Location of permanent speed restrictions Operation of electrically locked switches in ABS territory, Whistling ordinances SI cont.
SI Railroad crossings and junctions SI Stations and sidings not shown
Crossing protection SI cont. Hours in service cont.
List of through truss and other non-clearance bridges and structures
table of speeds, wheel report instructions (if you know of any wheel reports please email me)
Employes' Hospital Association. cont.
inside back cover

Decatur Division Time-Table No. 22 Jan 1941

Chicago to Forrest 6th District Southward
Forrest to Chicago 6th District Northward
Forrest to Bement 7th District Southward, Streator
Bement to Forrest 7th District Northward, Sullivan Branch 8th
Tilton to Decatur 9th District Westward, Champaign Branch 9th
Decatur to Tilton 9th District Eastward
Decatur to St. Louis 13th District Southward
St. Louis to Decatur 13th District Northward
Decatur to Outer Depot 10th District
Keokuk Branch 11th District, Employes' Hospital Assocation, List of through truss and other non-clearance bridges, structures and tunnels
General Instructions, Special Instructions
SI cont.
SI cont.
SI stations and sidings not shown on time table
Back (tonnage ratings)

Moberly Division Time-Table No. 39 Sep 1951

p1 - 12th Moberly - Outer Depot (Hannibal)
p2 - 14th Berkeley - Luther
p3 - 14th St. Louis - Moberly (West)
p4 - 14th Moberly - St. Louis (East)
p5 - 15th Moberly to Moulton & 16th to Ottumwa
p6 - 16th Moulton to Des Moines
p7 - 17th Moberly to Kansas City
p8 - 17th Kansas City to Moberly
p9 - 18th Brunswick to Stanberry
p10 - 19th Stanberry to Omaha
more later
Back Cover, Tonnage ratings

Moberly Division Time-Table No. 61 Oct 1963

14th District sections.

Main Line 12th, 14th and 17th Districts
Secondary Main Line 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th Districts
Third Main Line, Branches 14th, 16th, and 17th Districts
StL to KC WB KC to StL EB Brunswick to Omaha
Arranged Freight Train Service
Special Instructions SI cont. SI clocks SI cont. Crossings and Junctions Stations and sidings not shown

District order

Montp . 1st Dist. - Toledo OH to Montpelier OH to Peru IN
Montp . 2nd Dist. - Peru IN to Tilton IL
Montp . 3rd Dist. - Detroit MI to Montpelier OH
Montp . 4th Dist. - Montpelier OH to Clark Jct,IN and Chicago IL via B&OCT,C&WI
Montp . 5th Dist. - Maumee OH to New Haven IN (Toledo to FtWayne)
Decatur 6th Dist. - Chicago IL to Forrest IL
Decatur 7th Dist. - Forrest to Bement IL plus Forrest to Streator IL
Decatur 8th Dist. - Bement to Sullivan
Decatur 9th Dist. - Tilton IL to Decatur IL plus Sidney to Champaign
Decatur 10th Dist. - Decatur to Outer Depot (Hannibal) MO
Decatur 11th Dist. - Bluffs IL to Keokuk
Moberly 12th Dist. - Outer Depot MO to Moberly MO
Decatur 13th Dist. - Decatur to E St Louis IL
Moberly 14th Dist. - Moberly to St Louis plus Centralia to Columbia
Moberly 15th Dist. - Moberly to Moulton
Moberly 16th Dist. - Moulton to Des Moines IA plus Moulton to Ottumwa
Moberly 17th Dist. - Moberly to Kansas City MO
Moberly 18th Dist. - Brunswick MO to Stanberry MO
Moberly 19th Dist. - Stanberry to Omaha NE

I would be nice to get some others, like steam era(St. Thomas, Montpelier, Moberly, i have Decatur '41) and '60s (St. Thomas, Decatur)
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